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Excluding Staff from Bulk Texts
Last Updated 7 years ago

Staff Search

Go to the Staff Search page.

In order to exclude staff from receiving bulk texts the staff need to be selected first, then having selected the staff you have the facility to change them so that they will not receive bulk texts.

You may want for instance to exclude lapsed staff, or those still at application status from receiving bulk texts. You may simply want to exclude 3 or 4 individual staff from receiving texts.

To change text status you need to be on the Search Menu and Staff Search.

Staff need to be selected and ticked as selected first. Therefore on the grey menu bar use the select

Facility to determine the staff you want to exclude. Selections can be filtered using the box on the right ie: only lapsed, or Application status. Ensure the staff you want to exclude are ticked.

Then on the grey menu bar select Change and Bulk Text

This facility allows for staff to be set or unset to receive bulk texts

Staff Details

You can enable or disable bulk texts one by one. You need to go to the staff members Staff Details page and set the NO BULK button on the Text No to BULK OK.

BULK is now set to OK.

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