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Sage Payslips Import YTD Values do not agree with Pulse
Last Updated 7 years ago

If you have a discrepancy when you return the figures from Sage Payroll into Pulse the probable cause will be a discrepancy on the Sage Pay or Deduction Elements to those created in Pulse.

When Sage returns the figures into Pulse each week the figures used are the YTD figures. Pulse takes the YTD tax and calculates the difference between the YTD tax last pay run and the YTD tax this pay run and calculates this as the tax due this time. Similarly with the NI. Therefore check firstly the YTD gross pay from the previous pay slip plus the gross pay this week add to the same as this weeks YTD Gross Pay. If there is a difference something has been processed in Sage that has not been processed in Pulse or vice versa. This can then be corrected by adding this into the payslip in Pulse and correcting the TAX & NI and Gross figures to reflect those from Sage, or adding this into Sage

In Sage it is nescessary to create Pay and Deduction Elements with a description and detailing whether the Pay or Deduction Element is pre or post tax. This then shows on the payslip using the description given. In Pulse we need to mirror this exactly, the pay or deduction element has to have the same number and description.

So if you add a new element to Pulse it needs to be added using the same number in Sage

If you add a new pay element in Sage then it needs to be added using the same number in Pulse.

To add the new Pay or Deduction elements in Pulse you will need to go to Setup Menu, Check Database, and then use the tab Lookup Tables.

For Payments the table will be LUSagePayment, for Deductions the table will be LUSageDeduction.

In the deductions table Paye is always Zero and NI is always '1'

When running the Sage Payroll the instructions tell you to always make sure that all pay elements have been added to each employee and all deduction elements have also been added to each employee. So if you add a new payment or deduction you need to run the Global Task to add this to each employee this will then ensure that additions are dealt with by both Sage and Pulse.

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