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Check Mandatory Vaccinations for Compliance
Last Updated 7 years ago

To Check Vaccination Types that are Mandatory for Compliance and add into Staff where it is missing

Once you have set up all your vaccination types and expiry times, you can then check each type of vaccination that is Mandatory for compliance, is present or in date for each employee.

On the Set up menu/ select Check Database and then select the ' Check Compliance' tab. This will bring up the 'Check for Compliance' screen.

Select the word 'Vaccination' this should change the selction to red, and in the right hand box a list of all vaccination types will be listed. Select the first type that is mandatory you need to select on the word ie 'Hepatitus B'. Then Run Checking Process. in the box below a list will appear where that Vaccination Type is missing or expired. This list can be printed out to excel. If the vaccination type is missing from some employees list of vaccination it can be added to their list of vaccination by clicking on the 'Add Missing Items' button.

Currently this has to be run individually for each vaccination type

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