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How can I create a default pay and charge rate
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Use 'Set Up' Menu and 'Pay Scales'

Use the blue button Create New PayRate at the bottom of the screen a pop up box will appear asking you to name the new Pay Rate. Try to use a convention that will make it easy for you to find the correct default rate ie:

  • HCA Barchester Royal Only
  • HCA Nursing Homes
  • HCA NHS Trust
  • RGN Barchester Royal Only

Similarly if each Client has their own pay and charge rates you might want to set them up as follows:

  • Barchester HCA
  • Barchester RGN
  • Barchester RMN

When you have created a new default name you will be taken to a new screen to add the shifts that are relevant

On the right is a list of your shifts that have been set up. Select the shifts ie:

  • Day
  • Night
  • Sat Day
  • Sat Night
  • Sun Day
  • Sun Night
  • Bank Holiday

Above is an example only your setup may include different shifts and you should select according to your shift set up.

As you select the shifts they will be added in the box to the left which has a background colour of yellow. The box below in white shows the start and finsh times of these shifts. These can be changed if nescessary.

When defaults are set up they are set up for a year, the start date will be todays date and the finish date will default to one year on. If you need the start date to be backdated to cover shifts already worked you can do this by clicking on the arrow next to the start date and selecting a different date from the calendar displayed. Similarly the end date can be amended to a next review date by selecting the second date.

You are now ready to start entering the Pay and Charge Rates for this default name.

In the yellow box against each shift you can now enter for each shift

Rate 2 (PAYE) Pay Rate

Rate 4 (Ltd Company/ Self Employed Rate)

Client Charge Rate

Please do not try to enter the £ sign this is automatically entered. Press the enter button on the keyboard to commit the values.

When you have finished entering the pay and charge rates for this default exit this screen and your default will be set up.

Look now for Help in 'Loading Pay and Charge Rates'

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