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How can I setup new pay and charge rates for a new client
Last Updated 7 years ago

You have to decide first how your Pay and Charge Rates are set up.

There are Three levels that Pay and Charge Rates can be set up

  1. Group /Trust
  2. Client/Hospital
  3. Location /Ward
There are also four different rates of Pay for each Grade. For example: On the Staff Form you should already have set the employees qualification. Directly below the qualifications there is a drop down box which is called 'Pay Details'. This allows you to set a level of 1,2,3 or 4. these levels are

  • 1 = Introductory Rate -Probably less than the Standard Rate.
  • 2 = Standard PAYE rate
  • 3 = Senior Rate Probably more than the PAYE Rate
  • 4 = Limited Company or Self Employed Rates
These four different rates of pay allow you to have multiple rates for the same qualification. It may be that you only have 2 rates and use only Rate 2 (PAYE) and Rate 4 (Ltd or Self employed)

On the Pay Scales you must set up the Grade Rates in the same order as they are set up on the staff form. So if you only use 2 and 4 you only need to set up 2 and 4. However if at a later stage you set an employee as Rate 1 (Introductory) you may find that you will get an error message saying Pay Rates Not Found.

Pay Levels can be set up as a default rate and then loaded in to Pay Levels. Defaults can be standard and can then be amended to cover for slight differences for individual Clients. For example you can set up a default rate for all HCA's. If HCA's all get the same rate of pay however if you have one Client that has a lower or higher charge rate you can use the default and once loaded against a Client the charge rate for that client can be amended.

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