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Last Updated 3 years ago

Go to the availability tab of the app, the app will automatically load this months availability for you. You can use the left and right arrows next to the calendar header to change the month you are viewing.

On the calendar you are able to view any availability which will show different colors on the dates.
Green: Available
Red: Not available
Yellow: Working
Grey: Training
Light Blue: Sick
Purple: Holiday

If you tap on the date you want to view in more detail, it will show what shift types you are available for and which you are not available for. If you want to update that availability, you can tap on the relevant button to change from available to not available or vice versa and then click submit to save that availability. If this goes through correctly, you will be notified at the bottom of the screen that it was submitted successfully.

You can also book your holiday days and mark a day as sick when you click on the relevant date.


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