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Error 21
Last Updated 6 years ago

Error 21s stop the modem and cause it to have to reboot therefore stopping other texts going out.

  1. Go to the 'reports menu'.
  2. Click 'spreadsheet report'.
  3. Click the 'report' dropdown and select 'SMS Received Status'.
  4. Put in dates on the right of the 'reports' dropdown. This will bring up any texts that were sent between the dates you've input.
  5. Click 'Load Report'.
  6. Box in the bottom right, shows all the errors.
  7. Click on the error 21 line.
  8. Click 'filter by error'.
  9. This will now only show texts that were unsuccessful, and returned error code 21.
  10. For each line click 'Remove mobile number' if it has a staff member associated to it. This will remove the phone number from that staff member, but it will put it in their staff details notes so you can re-input them if necessary.

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