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Can I add an automatic charge to a member of staff for transport
Last Updated 7 years ago

If you regularly transport your staff to and from various Clients and then make a charge to the Staff, this can be accommodated in the software.

Staff Details

You can add the transport requirement directly to the staff member on their staff details page.

Go to Staff Details and find the staff member.

Near the middle-bottom of the page you will see a Transport section, within that section is a 'Transport Required' check box. Tick that box and select a pickup point from the drop down when prompted. You can then enter a custom charge for transport in the 'Charge' box.

Click the pink 'Save' button to save all the changes, or click the 'Cancel' button to undo any changes you have made.

Note: If you need to add new pickup points, go to SetUp > Check Database > Lookup Tables > LUPickupPoint.

In there you should see a list of the already existing pickup points and an empty row with an asterisk next to it (the * symbol).

To add a new pickup point simply type it in the empty row and click out of the row to save it.


(Note: when you see the pencil icon, that means that the entry is still being edited, the changes are only saved when you click out of that row and the pencil icon has disappeared).

Entering the Standard Transport Charge.

To edit the default transport charge used on all staff members, go to SetUp > Check Database > Global.

The second row down on the Global tab contains the Transport Charge default value. Edit the value as desired and click the Update Global Settings button in the bottom right corner.

The default transport charge will now be updated for all staff members who have 'Transport Required' ticked.

Charging Staff

If the member of staff has Transport Required ticked, every time they are entered for a booking you will be asked if transport is required. If you forget to add the transport on for the staff member at the booking stage, you can add the charge at the processing timesheets stage.

You will be asked if transport is required both 'to' and 'from' the booking. When the timesheet is processed the staff will be charged the default rate, or the special rate applicable only to that member of staff, for each respective journey that you have answered yes to on the bookings screen. Each charge will automatically appear as a deduction on the pay for that member of staff.

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