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Why can't I delete a staff member?
Last Updated 6 years ago

When you try to delete a staff member within the system you may sometimes come across a message that tells you that they cannot be deleted.


This is due to the fact that there are still bookings in the system that are associated with that person's Staff Details page. This restriction is in place to help prevent you from deleting staff members when they shouldn't be deleted. If a person has worked for you and been paid for their shifts you are required to keep a record of this for at least 7 years as per HMRC's standard retention period.

Please click here to refer to HMRC's policies on record management. Section 4 is the relevant part.

If the person you are trying to delete hasn't worked for you in over 7 years then you are no longer required to keep these records, and can be deleted by removing all historical bookings in the system. To do this, first go to the Set Up menu, then Check Database, then Global. In the global menu you will see a button labelled "Delete Bookings Older than Seven Years".


It will give you a warning message, click "Yes" to continue with the deletion process.


A message will appear once the process has been completed.

Once this process has been completed you should now be able to delete that person from the system, assuming that they don't have any records that are less that 7 years old.

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