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How can I set up Pulse on a Mac?
Last Updated 6 years ago

To set up Pulse on a Mac you must first download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App from the App store. You can find that here:

After you've installed and run that app, you will see this window. Click the Plus button labelled "New":

A new window will appear:
  • The Connection name can be anything, make it something memorable.
  • The PC name will be provided to you in the initial welcome email, or your user list email. If you forgot it or need to retrieve it, send us a request at and we'll provide you with the PC name.
  • The username will be your usual Pulse username, followed by @pulsesoftware (YourUsername@pulsesoftware).
  • The password will be your usual Pulse password.
  • The rest of the details can be left as default.
Close the window, the details will save automatically.

When you're back on the main window, you will now see a new entry under "My Desktops". Select this new entry, then click the Start button (the arrow button).

The connection will start, then a confirmation window will appear, click Continue:
imageYou will then be logged into the server

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